Korean-American Ministry Resources



Welcome to the Korean-American Ministry Resources (KAMR). We are a ministry that has been providing resources to the entire Korean-American Christian community for over 20 years. Our vision is to strategically network and connect Korean-American ministries in their specific ministry endeavors. We pray that KAMR may be useful in your ministry.


Rev. Hee Min Park

Former Senior Pastor, Young Nak Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles

"Praise God for KAMR ministry! This web-based ministry is an invaluable tool for Korean-American churches for it helps churches to network and combine their resources to bring about a synergy effect. May this ministry continue to serve the local churches to be effective in its ministry, especially in their effort to reach the 2nd generation English speaking Korean-Americans. On behalf of all the 1st generation KA Christians, I thank God for you, KAMR!"

Rev. Sam Park

Lead Pastor, Community Church of Holliston

"KAMR is not only a pioneer in a greatly needed ministry for the Korean-American church, but it also remains the best connectional resource available. The recently renovated website merely confirms KAMR's continual passion for helping our ministries, and its pursuit of excellence."

Rev. Jim-Bob Park

Senior Pastor, Oriental Mission Church

"No church should be an island. Every church can and should improve the ministry by checking out what other churches are doing. KAMR made the search easier by consolidating all of the websites into one. Moreover, through the Ministry Openings page, many churches are finding their shepherd. I know many churches are indebted to KAMR for the services that they provide. Thank you."

Rev. Rick Kim

Senior Pastor, First Harvest Chapel

"KAMR is simply the best place to look for Korean-American church leaders."