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Youth Pastor/Director

The benefits of a larger church is that one can focus on that particular ministry. In this case, ministering to the youths. However, working at a smaller church has the added benefit of participating in the larger church and engaging fully in the life of the youths with the parents and the greater faith community. And the one on one interaction with the seasoned pastor furthers the benefit.

We are a small multicultural church with a vision to integrate the children and youths into the larger church setting. We believe the youths keep their faith best into college if their faiths are cultivated in an intergenerational setting. And so we are seeking a youth pastor/director with like-minded vision.

The responsibilities will include working with the pastor and elders, and four dedicated youth teachers to cultivate an exciting ministry for our youths (20-25 in number) that includes Sunday worship and small group gathering, as well as planning and leading events. The responsibility can also include overseeing a smaller children’s ministry with two excellent teachers for added compensation. We are ready to offer up to $2,000/month for a qualified candidate.

Inquire about the position and speak directly with the pastor @ jobae456@gmail.com.

To apply for this job email your details to jobae456@gmail.com