Korean-American Ministry Resources

Senior Pastor

As a member of the Pastoral Leadership Team, lead each congregant to truly worship God by fully giving over to him their heart, mind and will.

The Pastoral Leadership Team (PLT) at Chelten includes three pastors who have equal authority and work collaboratively to lead the day-to-day operations of the church.  This structure provides for mutual accountability among team members. Responsibility for oversight of church ministries is divided among the three members in a way that best matches their gifts and passions.  The PLT collaborates on all significant matters affecting the vision and direction of the church. The PLT is subject to the authority of the board of elders of which the senior pastors are members.

Chelten is a church of approximately 700 weekly attenders located in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia.  Our church is affiliated with CBAmerica. We are a community of people brought together by our belief in the gospel—the good news that God the Father cares so much for us who live in a sinful world that he sent his son Jesus Christ to be the solution for all of humanity’s needs so that his Spirit would live in us forever.  Our church exists to worship the triune God, to nurture his family, and to share his gospel of hope. In keeping with our church’s vision, Chelten desires to reflect the ethnic diversity of the kingdom and our local community in both our congregation and our leadership positions. The Senior Pastor of Worship is one of three pastors who form a pastoral leadership team.  We are seeking a Senior Pastor of Worship who will lead congregants to truly worship God by fully giving over to him their heart, mind and will.


PLT Responsibilities
1.   Meet, pray, plan regularly with those serving on the PLT
2.   Articulate the vision of the church for the practice of worship in all areas of life and ministry
3.   Lead, direct and/or attend and participate in the Pastor and Ministry Directors’ meetings

Senior Pastor of Worship Responsibilities
1.   Schedule and plan regular and special worship services
2.   Be responsible for the primary preaching in Sunday morning services (50% or greater)
3.   Lead and shepherd the Worship Team in conjunction with the Worship & Arts director and/or Worship Coordinator (Music Ministry, Audio-Visual Services) so that they inculcate and inflame a passion for Christ among God’s people

4.  Supervise, shepherd and disciple the staff leaders of Children’s Ministries and Student Ministries
5.  Assess the short and long-term shepherding needs of the church and community to ensure that the preaching ministry meets those needs, especially with a regular outreach emphasis
6.  In addition to responsibilities with the Worship Team, oversee the Heritage and Prayer ministries and Resource Room

General Pastoral Responsibilities
1.   Recruit, hire, equip and train church staff and lay leadership
2.   Counsel members and attendees, making referrals for additional care when appropriate
3.   Regularly pray for the congregation and ministries of Chelten
4.   Pastors serve on the Board of Elders; in that capacity, they will actively participate and collaborate with the Board for the purpose of providing leadership, visioning, planning and ministry development; additionally, they will participate as a member of various committees as directed by the Board of Elders
5.   Carry out additional pastoral duties as directed by the Board of Elders in keeping with the church constitution and congregational needs

1.  Meet the qualifications of an Elder and a Pastoral Team Leader as described in Chelten’s by-laws, including membership and ordination, and be in personal agreement with the church’s constitution and by-laws
2.   Have earned at least a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited evangelical seminary
3.   Have at least five years of pastoral experience
4.   Subscribe to and be in complete harmony with statement of faith and church covenant
5.   Be committed to working effectively within the Pastoral Leadership Team
6.   Be faithful to the Scriptures, showing evidence of application in his life
7.   Display support for the pastors and elders as they lead the church
8.   Demonstrate a life of holiness, prayer and gospel outreach
9.   Possess and demonstrate ability to shepherd and care for people
10. Possess a passion for pursuing God’s design for a diverse, multiethnic and unified Church
11. Possess excellent communication skills, both written and oral
12. Be able to preach regularly and effectively, displaying a love for the gospel and a heart for the lost that is evident to others
13. Be able to challenge unbelievers with the gospel
14. Be able to oversee staff and lay leaders
15. Be an approachable person of integrity, authenticity and transparency, marked by humility
16. Work well with others: value people, give and receive feedback constructively and resolve conflict effectively
17. Be committed to ongoing education through formal and informal means

To apply for this job email your details to pastorsearchworship@chelten.org