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Youth Pastor

Full Gospel Korean Church of Houston

The Full Gospel Korean Church of Houston, is an Assemblies of God church located in Houston Texas, and is seeking a part time youth pastor (6th-12th Grade) to teach, disciple, and lead the youth ministry. Our church vision is All Nations, All Generations, All Languages and desire to be a multicultural church that emphasizes the importance of the next generation. The youth is comprised of 35+ students.

The youth pastor position will work closely with the EM ministry pastor in the spiritual direction of the youth ministry.


– Have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord, and have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ

– Have a heart for the next generation and youth ministry

– Desire to attend or have graduated from an accredited seminary

– At least 2 years experience with youth in some capacity (Staff, volunteer, pastor)

–  Full agreement with church’s doctrinal positions as expressed by our by-laws (https://ag.org/Beliefs/Statement-of-Fundamental-Truths)

Job Description

The primary purpose of the Youth Pastor is to introduce young people to Christ; to disciple them in spiritual growth; to train them in serving Christ with their life. Of equal importance is to assist parents or guardians in raising their teenagers to a wholesome maturity. Finally, to oversee and support the activity entrusted to leadership of the youth program.

1.  Coordinate the planning to ensure Youth/Students experience personal worship and praise through preaching and music activities. (Report quarterly plans for youth to a senior pastor)

2. Coordinate the weekly youth spiritual education. (Bible studies and small group meetings) and the training and mentoring of members of youth ministry.

3. Be acquainted with personal lives of the youth either directly or through the “Youth Staff”). For example, visit homes, attend school events, and make hospital visits. This also includes being aware of current youth development and culture.

4. Assist with youth leadership in providing opportunities for members of the youth ministry to be directly involved in missions and ministry – both locally and outside the community.

5. Maintain contact with students and parents, keeping them informed of ongoing activities parents updated.

6. Share the gospel with lost youth/students on an ongoing basis, both individually and cooperatively.

7. Pursue the church vision together with Korean Ministry. (All nations, All generations, All languages)

8.  Cooperate with Korean Ministry for church events such as garage sale, church picnic, etc…

9. Attend our staff meeting on Saturday at 9:30 and on Sunday at 3:30.

10. Keep the office hour from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. (Fri, Sat)

11. Organize and maintain the youth ministry building, office and equipment (before & after services)

To submit your application, please send the following information to fghouston1959@gmail.com

– Resume or CV
– A philosophy of ministry statement for youth
–  Two sermons
–  Two references


For more information about our church visit
KM – www.fghouston.org

EM – www.thewellhtx.org



To apply for this job email your details to fghouston1959@gmail.com