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Elementary Pastor ( 1st – 5th)

Joonim Church is looking for an Elementary Pastor who believes the Bible is the Word of God. The pastor’s calling and gifting is to guide and transform our children into disciples of Christ. The Pastor will love investing time with children, while including parents as the primary disciplers in their children’s lives.

1. Currently enrolled, or graduated from a theology program at an accredited seminary.
2. Fluency in English. Fluency in Korean is a plus and this position requires at least some ability to communicate with Korean parents.
3. Previous children’s ministry experience preferred.
4. Must have a family-centered ministry mindset, as parents are a crucial part of the ministry.
5. Residency status: US citizen or permanent resident able to work legally in the US.

1. Provide spiritual leadership and direction for the Elementary’s Ministry.
2. Oversee and lead Sunday Services.
3. Provide organized discipleship on Friday night gatherings.
4. Leading & coordinating the full cycle of VBS (Planning, Preparing, Completing, Surveying)
5. Lead and coordinate department PTA meetings and department budget tracking.
6. Creating a program/presentation for the congregation on Mother’s Day, Easter, Graduation, Christmas, and available to perform ad-hoc tasks.
7. Maintain open line of communication with parents, keeping them informed.
8. Collaborate closely with Education pastors for support and communication.
9. Attend Pastors meeting every Tuesday
10. Weekly / monthly ministry reports

Application Instructions:
Please submit the requirements below to Pastor Joe (jxj54ka@gmail.com)
1. Resume with current picture
2. Personal Testimony
3. 1 sermon message (audio or video) upon request
4. Please include 2 letters of recommendation. (preferably direct supervising pastors and/or church leaders that know you well in the ministry context).

To apply for this job email your details to Jxj54ka@gmail.com