Korean-American Ministry Resources

We are a Korean-American church founded in 1977 in the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio. We have been blessed by God in the last 40 years and have grown to over 450 members with vibrant Korean and English Ministry. Though we are predominately made up of Korean-Americans, our English ministry is multi-ethnic and multi-generational. While it is an asset to speak Korean, it is not mandatory to speak Korean. Fluent English speaking and writing is mandatory for the Associate EM pastor position.

We seek an ordained pastor with a Master of Divinity Degree who will be teaching and proclaiming the Word through corporate worship service and Bible study, and training of lay leaders.  We would like a pastor who can strengthen congregational fellowship and unity through encouraging spiritual growth of the congregation member. We seek someone who can provide active pastoral counseling and care, facilitate and maintain high level of lay parishioners leadership and participation as well as working collegially with the Senior Pastor, youth director and early Christian education directors.

  • This position has been filled