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Light of the Gospel Church in Maryland (LOGCMD Korean American Church) seeks a sincere part-time pastor (for English Speaking Ministry, EM).

LOGCMD is a local expression of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are belonging to “Capital presbytery” of PCA. LOGCMD is just about to launch our EM group (mainly 2nd Gen. Korean American). Though the membership is not of a big size, we have already been doing an enthusiastic ministry for children, Youths, and College & Young Adult group. We don’t want to treat them as just a department of KM(Korean Speaking 1st Gen. Ministry) congregation but as an organ of healthy body of Jesus Christ to grow and eventually be established as another church.

I call this vision with my own term, “planting a church within a church.” For this vision, our session decided to support them to be established as EM ministry and to encourage by providing $ 2,000 (monthly) for the one taking spiritual responsibility. Yes, it’s part time based ministry of which Job description and schedules are mainly focusing on Lord’s day. But the schedule itself can be flexibly and reasonably tuned for spiritual necessity of our entire congregation. We expect that the potentiality of the ministry will manifest and develop as our Lord guides us. As it goes and develops, we all will be and do together at the same page of mutual communication and respect. And we also expect that the position would be developed to be a full time position in the near future.

If anyone is interested in joining this God-given / Spirit-leading vision and feel free to contact with me, Jean Young Lee, head pastor of LOGCMD.

But there are restriction for applicants,

1. limiting to 2nd generation Korean American pastors (preference is an experience of co-ministry with 1st generation Korean Speaking Leadership)

2. Having at least of 1 year of theological Study at MDiv program of Seminaries in United States.

3. Having theological conviction on the inspiration, authenticity and infallibility and inerrancy of the word of God in the Bible.

4. Having eager mind to join PCA.

My Cell phone: 267-577-0755

Email: theophilo1435@gmail.com

To apply for this job email your details to theophilo1435@gmail.com