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Executive Pastor

Open Door Presbyterian Church

Position Title: Executive Pastor
Position Type: Full-Time (40-50 hours per week)

The English-speaking Congregation (EC) of the Open Door Presbyterian Church (ODPC) is looking for an experienced Executive Pastor to join the EC pastoral team to journey with the team and lead the congregation toward active, missional living, transformation, and growth.  Direct assignments over ministries/areas are seen as seasonal assignments as needed by the church, with, naturally, consideration of the individual’s giftings and passion match given.  Essentially, ODPC EC is looking for an articulate communicator, an experienced (7+ years in full-time ministry), and a natural leader over the assigned ministries/responsibilities; a pastor who, along with his family, will live among and minister and grow with the church.

Application Submission
Please email your cover letter, resume, and a sermon sample (in video preferably, but audio also accepted) to jobs@odpcec.org  with the subject heading “Executive Pastor.”

ODPC is an independent church governed by elders and located in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia; it started in the early 1980s and consists of two inter-dependent congregations: the EC and the Korean-speaking Congregation (KC). The EC and KC are governed by their board of elders, with issues affecting both congregations addressed jointly by both the EC and KC boards of elders. Approximately 600 adults attend two EC services on Sundays, while approximately 2,000 attend four KC services. EC service attendees are predominantly Korean-American, though there has been a slight increase in attendees of other ethnicities, reflecting the growing ethnic diversity of the populations in Northern Virginia in general and in Fairfax County in particular.

Our vision is “to be an open door to a life-changing grace,” our mission is to be “Gospel communities sent in the every day.”

Position Description
The Executive Pastor will establish and implement church-wide strategies to maximize the effectiveness of ODPC’s vision and mission.  As part of the staff team, the Executive Pastor will work closely with the Lead Pastor in the overall leadership of church staff/ministry leads to move the church towards its stated vision.  The Executive Pastor will oversee the staff team/ministry leads, develop ministry strategic goals and annual implementation plans, and ensure that church staff/ministry leads (employed and volunteer) are aligned with the church’s vision and mission.

1.     Work with the Lead Pastor and Elder Board in overseeing the execution of the church’s mission through ministry effectiveness evaluations, strategic planning, coordination, and implementation.
2.     Assist the Lead Pastor in the annual strategic planning process, including evaluation of ministry performance; review of vision, mission, and core values; development of key objectives and strategies; and establishment of annual goals.
3.     Work with the Lead Pastor and Elder Board to establish and maintain key performance measures that provide the Elders and church staff with ongoing visibility of the effectiveness of all functional and ministry areas of ODPC.
4.     Work with the Lead Pastor to lead staff/ministry leads to provide direction so that we more faithfully embody our vision to be an “Open Door to a Life-Changing Grace with the mission of becoming a church of “Gospel Communities Sent in the Everyday.”
5.     Supervise and support department heads and staff members, providing guidance, mentorship, and performance feedback.
6.     Lead the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process for staff and volunteers.
7.     Develop and implement policies and procedures related to employment, performance management, and professional development.
8.     Provide leadership training and support to staff members and volunteers.
9.     Foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment where individuals feel valued and supported in their contributions.

Other responsibilities include:
1.     Preach as requested by the Lead Pastor.
2.     Meet with congregants for pastoral care and to build relationships, as well as perform baptisms, weddings, funerals, and other functions as a part of the pastoral team.
3.     Participate in weekly staff meetings, ad hoc and standing ministry team meetings, retreats, and leadership huddles for staff/ministry leads.
4.     Support the KC and the Christian education department as needed (e.g., joint KC-EC events and strategic initiatives).
5.     Perform other duties as assigned from time to time.

The Executive Pastor will be accountable to the Lead Pastor and the church’s Elders.

Critical Qualities:
1.     Demonstrate cross-cultural competency with the emotional intelligence to tactfully interface with diverse communities.
2.     Ability to resolve conflicts productively and graciously and take direction and feedback.
3.     Humble commitment to continually learn, grow, and improve as a servant in Jesus’ church.
4.     Strong attention to detail, the ability to organize/coordinate many moving pieces, and a solid ability to lead teams of people.

1.   A profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
2.   Ability to handle the Word of God correctly, with gospel-focused and expository preaching and teaching to equip the congregation to become mature disciples of Jesus.
3.    Commitment to ODPC’s vision to be an “open door to a life-changing grace.”
4.   Proven track record of self-motivation, strong work ethic, an attitude of seeking constant improvement, and a teachable heart.
5.   High capacity for work and responsibility, including appropriately identifying goals, prioritizing, and delegating.
6.   A commitment to team ministry with the ability to partner effectively with a broad range of people (e.g., ODPC EC elders, deacons, staff, and members, as well as KC elders, deacons, staff, and members).
7.   Seminary education with a Master’s degree
8.  A minimum of 7+ years of full-time ministry experience is strongly preferred.
9.  A minimum of a three-year commitment to ODPC is required.

Commensurate with Experience*
*This is a Full-Time Position with Benefits

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@odpcec.org