Korean-American Ministry Resources

Worship Pastor/Director

Open Door Presbyterian Church

Position Title: Worship Pastor/Director
Position Type: Full-Time (40-50 hours per week)

Application Submission
Please email your cover letter and resume to jobs@odpcec.org with the subject heading “Worship Pastor/Director”

ODPC is an independent church governed by elders and located in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia; started in the early 1980s and consists of two inter-dependent congregations: the EC and the Korean-speaking Congregation (KC). The EC and KC are governed by their own board of elders, with issues affecting both congregations addressed jointly by both the EC and KC boards of elders. On Sundays, approximately 600 adults attend two EC services, while approximately 2,000 adults attend four KC services. EC service attendees are predominantly Korean-American, though there has been a slight increase in attendees of other ethnicities, reflecting the growing ethnic diversity of the populations in Northern Virginia in general and in Fairfax County in particular.

Our vision is “to be an open door to a life-changing grace.” We believe God is calling us to grow more in our witness to the unchurched right where we are in Northern Virginia and the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, as well as to the unreached abroad (with current regional focus in parts of India, Central Asia, and China bordering North Korea).

The Worship Pastor/Director should be an individual with various gifts and talents dedicated to Jesus Christ and living a lifestyle consistent with a faithful follower of Christ. The Worship Pastor/Director is responsible for creating an inviting worshipful environment for the congregation and serving to help build the identity of Open Door Presbyterian Church (ODPC). The Worship Pastor/Director is responsible for leading and overseeing the church’s worship services and music/technical ministry, creating an atmosphere that facilitates meaningful and authentic worship experiences for the congregation. This individual will ensure the integration of technology enhances the overall worship experience. This role will oversee the technical aspects of worship services and events. This individual must be comfortable managing audio, visual, and lighting elements, leading a team of volunteers or staff, and collaborating with various staff/leaders to bring ODPC’s worship vision to life. This role involves planning worship services, scheduling the worship team that serves each Sunday, troubleshooting technical issues, overseeing media production, and maintaining a budget for technical needs.

Worship Services:
– Plan and lead worship services in collaboration with the Lead Pastor and other ministry leaders.
– Design worship service to be cohesive with the theme by selecting and arranging music that complements the message and other parts of the liturgy.
– Manage and coordinate worship team members, including music and production members, to ensure a cohesive and impactful worship experience.
– Work to ensure the smooth operation of weekly services through proper planning, coordination, and execution.

Musical Direction:
– Provide musical direction and coaching for the worship team.
– Conduct rehearsals and help Shepherds to do the same.
– Implement creative ways to enhance and improve the music through arrangements, instrumentation, and other ways.

Spiritual Leadership:
– Foster a culture of spiritual growth and discipleship within the worship team.
– Provide pastoral care and support to help others become more like Christ in everything they do.
– Encourage personal and spiritual development among team members.
– Develop a culture of excellence by coaching the team to do their best in personal practice time, punctuality to rehearsals and Sunday worship, and doing their best serving on Sundays.
– Provide opportunities to pursue excellence by allowing enough time for the team to prepare. This requires planning services several weeks in advance and communicating well with the band and production teams.
– Foster unity within the team through coaching and encouragement.

– Collaborate closely with church pastors/staff to ensure alignment with the overall vision and goals of the church.
– Work closely with church pastors/staff to ensure an intentional and smooth worship service by coordinating logistics.
– Work closely with the worship team so that the music and production teams complement each other to seamlessly integrate musical and audiovisual elements during worship services.

Recruiting and Growth:
– Recruit, train, organize, and shepherd music and production volunteers serving with bands and production teams.
– Meet with recruits and take them through the process of joining the Worship Team, including but not limited to Meet & Greets, auditions, and training.

– Have an evident love for Christ and people and a desire to see lives and communities changed by the gospel.
– Be a faithful member and advocate of the church by supporting the vision, mission, and direction of the church through active involvement in the community, mission, and ministry of the church.
– Have a passion for serving the church.
– Be experienced at multi-tasking, organizational skills, time management, and prioritizing tasks.
– Have the ability to meet deadlines through effective planning.
– Possess excellent verbal communication skills and cultural awareness.
– Have the ability to work with and maintain positive, loyal relationships with those inside and outside the church.
– Can recruit, develop, empower, and equip volunteers and direct reports.
– Be a mature team player with a track record of leading and disciplining others.

– Have experience with live audio, video, and streaming.
– Basic understanding of signal flow and cable connections
– Basic understanding of live streaming software and social platforms
– Have experience with the following:
o   Planning Center
o   ProPresenter
o   Ableton Live
o   Digital Audio System
o   Lighting System
o   Video Switcher
– Be a comfortable vocalist and instrumentalist with an ear for music and a heart for congregational singing.

Educational and Personal:
– Minimum Degree Requirements – bachelor’s degree
– Minimum Experience 3 to 5 years of leading worship and a worship team preferred

Commensurate with Experience*
*This is a Full-Time Position with Benefits

To apply for this job please visit www.odpcec.org.