Korean-American Ministry Resources

Position Title:  Outreach Pastor (Assistant Pastor)


Position Type:  Full-Time (40-50 hours per week)


Primary Role & Ministry Assignments:  The primary role will be to help orient every aspect of the church’s ministries and operations towards becoming more “missional,” (i.e., purposefully directed towards making disciples, with particular emphasis on growing the congregation members’ hearts for the unchurched nearby and the unreached abroad, and helping them demonstrate and proclaim the gospel in the everyday rhythm of their lives). This position will involve, among others, leading Alpha or other similar evangelistic programs, global missions ministry, local & community outreach ministry and workplace ministry, though specific ministry assignments may change over time.


Background:  The English-speaking Congregation (EC) of the Open Door Presbyterian Church (ODPC) is looking for an Outreach Pastor to join the pastoral team as an assistant pastor. The current pastoral team consists of a lead pastor and two assistant pastors (one of whom serves as an executive pastor). ODPC is an independent church, governed by elders and located in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia, started in the early 1980’s and consisting of two inter-dependent congregations: the EC and the Korean-speaking Congregation (KC). The EC and KC is governed by its own board of elders, with issues affecting both congregations addressed jointly by both the EC and KC boards of elders. On Sundays, approximately 450 adults attend two EC services while approximately 2,000 adults attend three KC services. EC service attenders are predominantly Korean-American, though there has been a slight increase in the number of attenders of other ethnicities, reflecting the growing ethnic diversity of the populations in Northern Virginia in general and in Fairfax County in particular. Our vision is “to be an open door to a life-changing grace.” We believe God is calling us to grow more in our witness to the unchurched right where we are in Northern Virginia and greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area, as well as to the unreached abroad (with current regional focus in parts of India, Central Asia, and China bordering North Korea).


The Outreach Pastor would, as a part of the EC pastoral team, help lead the congregation to obey this calling with greater effectiveness and faithfulness. This will entail, among others, helping the congregation recover the zeal to live out the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, starting with demonstrating and proclaiming the gospel to the unchurched right around us – in our extended families, to our neighbors and co-workers, and also reaching the unreached abroad. This will also entail introducing, with wisdom and love, changes in our structures and practices, in order to adjust our current, primarily church building centered, event-driven, approach whose resources primarily become allocated to caring for existing believers, towards a missional-communities centered approach that allows the congregation to demonstrate and proclaim the gospel in their ordinary, day-to-day rhythms to those right around them. In summary, we want to become a “Church of Gospel Communities Sent in the Everyday.”


Our theological influences in this area include, among others, Christopher Wright (“The Mission of God” and “The Mission of God’s People”) and Lesslie Newbigin (“The Gospel in a Pluralist Society”). We have also benefited from various “missional community” practitioners’ resources such as Jeff Vanderstelt of the SOMA churches (“Saturate” & “Gospel Fluency”), Tim Chester & Steve Timmis of Crowded House (“Everyday Church” and “Total Church”) and resources provided by Todd Engstrom of the Austin Stone Community Church and the Verge Network.


To this end, we are looking in particular for a candidate who has the experience, passion, gifting and lifestyle for demonstrating and proclaiming the gospel, including evangelism, in every aspect of our lives. The candidate must be flexible, thrive in a team-ministry setting as a team player submitting to the Lead Pastor, and be willing to take on responsibilities that may shift.


Position Description:  The Outreach Pastor will lead, oversee, and minister to leaders in the area of their responsibility. Specifically, the Outreach Pastor will:

1.      Provide direction for, and oversee all aspects of, EC’s evangelism and missions life so that we more faithfully (i) embody our vision to be an “Open Door to a Life Changing Grace with the mission of becoming a church of “Gospel Communities Sent in the Everyday,” and (ii) demonstrate and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through hospitality, service and witness in the ordinary rhythms of our lives to both our unchurched relatives, neighbors and coworkers and unreached people groups in India, Central Asia and China. Specifically, this will entail transitioning our current “Bible study small groups” towards becoming “missional communities.”

2.      Lead all EC deacons and ministry leaders serving in the following ministries: Global Missions, Love Herndon (i.e., local and community outreach), 9 to 5 Ministry (i.e., work & faith), Alpha or other appropriate evangelistic programs, and Mercy ministry (i.e., development and implementation of a diaconate fund). The leading will include, among others, (i) working with the relevant elders, deacons, and other ministry leaders to align each ministry’s direction and activities to EC’s vision and mission and caring for and equipping leaders, (ii) identifying, training and developing emerging leaders and (iii) recruiting and expanding the number of volunteers and members for these ministries.

3.      Regardless of specific assignments, carry out the following additional responsibilities:

a.      Preach, as requested by the Lead Pastor (with opportunities depending on demonstrated ability).

b.      Develop & teach Bible and theology classes, as requested.

c.      Meet with congregants for pastoral care and to build relationships, as well as perform baptism, weddings, funerals, and other functions, as needed as a part of the pastoral team.

d.      Participate in weekly staff meetings, various ad hoc and standing ministry team meetings, retreats, and quarterly leadership huddles for deacons.

e.      Support the KC, as well as the Christian education department, as needed (e.g., joint KC-EC events and strategic initiatives).

f.       Perform other duties as assigned, from time to time.


Accountability:  The Outreach Pastor will serve under the EC leadership consisting of the elders (including the Lead Pastor) and the Executive Pastor who assists the Lead Pastor. The Executive Pastor will serve as the Outreach Pastor’s immediate supervisor.



1.      A profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

2.      Ability to handle the Word of God correctly, with gospel-focused and expository preaching and teaching to equip the congregation to become a mature disciple of Jesus.

3.      Commitment to ODPC’s vision to be an “open door to a life-changing grace” and mission to be a church of “Gospel Communities Sent in the Everyday,” with demonstrated experience in outreach ministries (including, preferably, experience in establishing and caring for missional communities).

4.      Strong work ethic, an attitude of seeking constant improvement & a teachable heart.

5.      A commitment to team ministry with the ability to partner effectively with a broad range of people (e.g., ODPC EC elders, deacons, staff and members as well as KC elders, deacons, staff and members).

6.      Seminary education with a Master’s degree

7.      Minimum of three to five years of full-time ministry experience strongly preferred.

8.      Minimum of three-year commitment to ODPC strongly preferred.


Application Submission:  Please email your cover letter, resume and a sermon sample (in video preferably, but audio also accepted) to jobs@odpcec.org with the subject heading “Outreach Pastor.”

To apply for this job please visit www.odpcec.org.