Korean-American Ministry Resources

full info at: http://www.odpcec.org/jobs/#Youth%20Pastor

Open Door Presbyterian Church’s (ODPC) vision is to be an open door to a life changing grace. ODPC is an independent church, Presbyterian in polity, in Herndon, Virginia, consisting of two interdependent congregations: the English-speaking Congregation (EC) and the Korean-speaking Congregation (KC). Each of EC and KC is governed by its own board of elders, with issues affecting both EC and KC addressed jointly by both boards of elders. On Sundays, approximately 450 adults attend EC services while approximately 2,000 adults attend KC services. In addition, there are about 300 Youth Group students as well as about 600 children in our Children’s Ministry.

PURPOSE/MISSION OF THE POSITION: The Youth Pastor will be part of a youth ministry team with a focus on fellowship, welcoming, and worship aspects of the youth group. The candidate will especially direct his/her time to caring for adult volunteer teachers/small group leaders, as well as fostering a community and fellowship among both the adult/student volunteers. This will be a role where one will have to work in tandem with the youth pastor who is currently serving and assisting as needed.

UNIQUENESS OF THE ROLE: This is a unique ministry opportunity where you are working with multiple generations and multiple cultures. It is critical that the incoming candidate can develop healthy relationships not only with our youth, their parents, adult volunteers/teachers but also with our Korean-speaking and English-speaking congregation’s leaderships.

• Preaching on a rotational basis
• Developing and implementing a system of shepherding (recruiting, training, assessing, and supporting) new and current volunteer staff to serve joyfully for the long term in the youth ministry
• Helping lead Friday night events
• Engaging and improving social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, and website)
• Getting to know youth and families (home visits, sporting events, graduations, etc.)
• Planning and preparing for the summer and winter retreats
• Overseeing and executing fellowship and outreach events
• Attending weekly staff meetings
• Other duties as needed

To apply for this job please visit www.odpcec.org.