Korean-American Ministry Resources

English Ministry Lead Pastor

Church Description:

Riverside Community Church is a multi-generational, family based ministry in Elmwood Park, New Jersey.  RCC is a Christ centered, non-denominational, English Ministry Church serving a community of different ethnic and racial groups, the largest contingency being English-speaking Korean-Americans. Building ownership has permitted RCC the privilege to serve the local community and beyond through robust outreach ministries ranging from missionary work to neighborly support.

Riverside Community Church is in a period of healthy transition, as we seek whom God has planned for our next senior pastor.

We believe the Holy Spirit is guiding us into our next season of growth, rich with opportunity.


  • Vision for an Asian-American or multi-ethnic church
  • Ordained with Master of Divinity degree from Seminary
  • Minimum 3 years of pastoral experience
  • Gift of Preaching
    • proclaim God’s Word as led by the Holy Spirit
    • directly tied to the Scripture and stand firm on Biblical truths
    • spend the necessary time in study and prayer to preach with accuracy, in a manner easily understood, with the goal of compelling listeners to action
    • inspire the congregation to live out the messages in their daily lives
  • Gift of Teaching
    • develop discipleship programs
    • edify congregation to effectively serve in the Church and community
    • have vision for House Church and equip House Church Shepherds
  • People Skills/Character Traits
    • be a model of humility and integrity through transparency and openness
    • share experiences and listen to others with empathy ability to listen to and implement new ideas
    • easily approachable, counsel members and resolves conflicts


  1. Plan and conduct worship services.
  2. Prepare and deliver sermons.
  3. Conduct Communion and Baptisms.
  4. Visit with RCC members and those considering joining RCC.
  5. Conduct counseling sessions; perform wedding ceremonies; conduct funerals.
  6. Serve as chairman to lead in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and evaluating the church ministries.
  7. Work with deacons, church officers, and committees/teams as they perform their assigned responsibilities; train and lead the deacons in their respective ministry.
  8. Serve as chief administrator and supervisor of the paid church staff.
  9. Meet with Session for training, planning and discipleship.

Compensation Package:

  • Starting $80,000 (negotiable, based on experience and education)
  • Benefits included
  • Vacation


Please download and fill out the linked application below.  Please include resume.  Email both to ‘rcc_psc@hotmail.com’


To apply for this job please visit drive.google.com.