Korean-American Ministry Resources

What is the congregation’s or organization’s vision for ministry? Additionally describe how this vision is lived out.
New Hope Church (NHC) was born in 2009 out of a vibrant English Ministry of the Korean Presbyterian Church of Metro Detroit (KPCMD). We are now two separate and independent churches residing in the same facility and collaborating in a couple of shared ministries, which include Youth & Elementary Education and Missions. Currently, our congregation consists mainly of second-generation Korean-Americans and thus, we continue to draw people who, in various ways, identify with the cultural narrative of such a community. The cultural ties are what initially brought and continues to bring many of us together, but our desire to know and follow Christ is what keeps us together and moving forward. As a young church, we are ready to go wherever God leads us, but we need a shepherd who can guide us and help us solidify our foundation in the core Christian disciplines: biblical knowledge, reliance on prayer and Christ-centered fellowship. Although we are a small church, we have been blessed with generous members, predominantly well-established professionals, who are willing to offer time and resources to obey God’s calling for our church. As a body of Christ, we are hungry for God’s Word, believe in the power of prayer and rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit to renew our minds and unify our vision and mission for His glory.

How do you feel called to reach out to address the emerging needs of your community or constituency?
As a 2nd-generation Korean-American congregation, we have a growing number of young families, a budding young adult group, and we have recently started reaching out to the Korean-adoptee community. Based on our self-study and the emerging needs of NHC, our current efforts and vision for the future include:

Gather – Simplify and go back to the core of what it means to be a Christ follower, using Acts 2:42 as a model. NHC has been actively trying out new things, such as all contemporary praise, flowing service order, personal testimonies and pastoral prayer, during our worship service with the aim of providing a more Christ-centered gathering.

Grow – Cultivate an environment of personal discipleship and accountability. As a regional church, it is essential that the needs of the pockets of community be met in a robust home group life. We offer bible studies and fellowship activities tailored to the needs of each home group. We are launching the first NHC VBS for young children this summer. The initiative to provide a more comprehensive leadership training for elected leaders has also been started.

Go – Provide opportunities for members to live out the Great Commission locally and abroad. We have begun building relationships with the Korean-adoptee community and have planned programs to support them. We collaborate with KPCMD in reaching out to migrant workers thru a family-oriented local mission. We continue to discern, develop and participate in mission opportunities overseas.

How will this position help you to reach your vision and mission goals?
The role of the pastor will be to shepherd the congregation to live out the vision of the church found in the Great Commission. The pastor will help members navigate thru all aspects of Christian life by providing Biblical wisdom, and guide the staff and lay leaders in funneling all church ministries and activities thru Christ-centered lenses. The pastor will help us remember this is God’s work and for His glory, and that we are working together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The new pastor will impact in areas of intentional bible study and cultural training for international and local mission trips and events. There will be tighter coordination between the praise content and the sermons. In order to meet our growing needs, NHC is actively seeking to hire an Assistant Pastor, to help with the Young Adult Group and education/discipleship programs, as well as a Music Ministry Coordinator. We expect our pastor to lead us nimbly to complete changes that are Christ-centered.

We have learned from experience that to have a higher level of engagement, a more personal approach is needed where the focus would be on the building of personal relationships. As described in the Grow section of Question 2, the pastor will need to foster an environment of personal discipleship and accountability, and equip staff, leaders and members to do the same.

Provide a description of the characteristics needed by the person who is open to being called to this congregation and/or organization.
Some of the characteristics that are needed for our congregation are as follows:

Passionate: One who is passionate about living for Christ and understands the importance of making disciples of Christ. One who is passionate about teaching the congregation, but also learning from/about the congregation. Our congregation needs a refueling of sorts, so this person would need the ability to inspire a rekindling of our desire to seek Christ.
Believes in the authority of the Bible: One who understands the importance of Bible literacy and will ground us in biblical knowledge thru various methods including expository preaching. One who will boldly proclaim and teach the true and unadulterated Gospel. There are a lot of different perspectives on this doctrine. We are not in agreement with any perspective that is influenced by the seeker-friendly or the postmodern/emergent church movement.
Good Communicator: One who is able to effectively preach from the pulpit as well as convey ideas clearly in planning meetings. Since the pastor will be leading the congregation, good communication skills are essential in all aspects of church life.
Relational: One who is willing and has the ability to build relationships with members of various life stages. Our congregation is multi-generational. Life stages range from college students and families with young children all the way to retirees. This person will also need to be a bridge builder between NHC and KPCMD.

For what specific tasks, assignments, and programs areas will this person have responsibility?
The responsibilities for this role will become clearer as we go thru a discerning process together. Initially, the expectations for this role would be to provide Christ-centered direction and action in the areas of worship, instruction, community, service, and missions. Tasks would include preaching, teaching, equipping and walking alongside of the members of the congregation.

The main areas of focus would be:

Preaching inspiring sermons (including expository preaching) – attendance and engagement are highest on Sundays so we need to offer impactful interactions starting with the worship service and sermons.
Leadership and Discipleship Training – this would include mentoring and equipping leaders in the areas of discipleship and Bible education for all members.
Interaction, cooperation and support of various groups and laity within the church (Session/BoD/committees/home groups, etc.) as well as groups within KPCMD. This may also include the hiring and mentoring of full-time/part-time staff in the areas of education, worship, music and administrative, as needed.
Pastoral counseling of members having personal, family and/or work related issues, including the sick, shut-in and bereaved.
Strategy and Vision – ability to discern, inspire and facilitate future progress and growth of the church and lead the congregation in taking steps towards that future vision.

To apply for this job email your details to andrew.m.nam@gmail.com