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English Children’s Ministry Pastor (Part Time)


At Youngnak Church, we are passionate about our next generation. The English Children’s Ministry is devoted to investing in our 1st to 6th grade students to become outward focused followers of Jesus. Through weekly teaching with small groups to fun events and serving opportunities, our goal is to equip our children to love Jesus fully and be a light in their community.

We are looking for a hardworking, Jesus-loving individual who is passionate about children’s ministry and can provide insight and leadership to the English Children’s Ministry students. If you love children and enjoy being the light of Jesus Christ to them, let’s chat!


• Love kids

• M.Div. graduate or pursuing M.Div.

• Teachable

• Excellent communication skills

• Love working on a team

• Attitude of excellence

• Experience with administrative work

• Strong time & prioritization skills

• Language: fluency in English

• Tech-savvy, including Social Media.



I. Small group Preparation

a. Review weekly curriculum

b. Send the teachers’ weekly emails which includes:

i. Bible Message and Main Point of Sermon (provided by curriculum)

ii. Announcements and reminders

iii. Leader’s Teaching Guide and Small group Activity sheets (provided by curriculum)

c. Send PowerZone weekly emails which includes:

i. Announcements and reminders ii. Serving schedule for that week iii. Praise list for Sunday

d. * Small group lessons are printed and prepared on Friday. Each teacher for AM and PM service gets their own lesson plan. For the small group activities, please photo copy in Education Office.

II. Phone Visitations

a. Call three or more students each week to do a quick check-up.

i. A lot of our students have their own phones/emails and really enjoy when you reach out to them personally!

ii. Leave voicemail or text messages when parents don’t respond. iii. Note phone visitation and prayer request in Planning Center.

III. Media Set-up

a. Prepare praise songs, media slides and videos in ProPresenter by Friday. IV. Sunday Preparation

a. Chair set-up

b. Media set-up (TVs, mics, PowerPoint, lights, welcome screen and song)

c. Clean PowerZone and C-Zone Office on Friday if needed. V. Sermon Prep throughout the week

a. Bible passage and main point provided by the curriculum.

b. C-Zone pastors rotate preaching. VI. Teacher’s Devotion

a. Lead Teacher’s Devotion Time at 10:00 AM

i. Quick review of Sunday’s message

ii. Check-in with teachers and how their small group is going iii. Announcements/ Prayer Requests

VII. Sunday Attendance

a. Through Planning Center

b. New students need to fill out a C-Zone welcome card.

Monthly / Quarterly

I. C-Zone Monthly Deacon’s Meeting (monthly)

a. All C-Zone Pastors and C-Zone Deacons attend this meeting. b. Update on C-Zone’s logistics.

c. Discuss upcoming programs and events.

i. Brainstorm, organize, plan, and execute. II. C-Zone Staff Meeting

a. We meet with our teachers quarterly or monthly depending on the season. i. Fellowship

ii. More in-depth time to discuss small group and ministry related items.

III. PowerZone (monthly)

a. Schedule and email the PowerZone serving schedule

b. Send the praise set list for the month to the praise leaders c. Download monthly media resources from curriculum.

d. Update welcome slide, countdown, and goodbye slide. IV. Teacher Visitations

a. Meet with 2-3 teachers monthly. V. Update Planning Center if needed.

VI. Monthly Parent Newsletter

a. Bible Theme/message of the month b. Announcements/Upcoming Events

VII. PowerZone Décor

a. Change the decoration of the stage according the theme, season, or event.

Yearly C-Zone Events

I. July-September: Parent Open House (Date TBT)

II. October: Hallelujah Night/ Fall Festival [ October 31st] III. November: Thanksgiving Celebration

IV. December: Christmas

V. April: Easter

VI. May: Mother’s Day

VII. June: 6th Grade Outing, Graduation, Promotion Sunday

VIII. VBS: Date TBT. Usually June or July

a. We begin brainstorming in the beginning of the year and begin planning


REPORTS TO: Education Department Director

STATUS: P2 – 25 hours per week

Please submit the following:

• A PDF version of your resume, with a cover letter, explaining your interest and reasons for applying for this specific position.

• At least 2 references, one of which would be someone who holds a pastoral position.

• A link to a current (within 6 months) video/audio footage of you teaching and interacting with children

Please also answer the following questions:

• What previous positions have you filled in ministry?

• Where and how long did you hold those positions?

• Which 3 nationally known pastors/theologians influence you most and why?

• What 4 things do you want to instill in every child who comes through your ministry?

• Why are you leaving your current position? (or why have you left?)

• Why should yours be the only resume we look at? What sets you apart?

To apply for this job email your details to office@youngnak.com