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How long will it take to post my sponsored ad on the site?

Normally, sponsored ads post within 24 hours after sponsorship is received. It is our board's policy to post ads after we receive sponsorship.

I have filled out the submission form but have not heard back in more than two weeks. What should I do?

If you have not heard back in more than two weeks it means either that your emails are not getting through, or we have been replying but you are not receiving our emails for some reason. Please try again using another email account.

Why post an ad with KAMR?

KAMR has had a very good success rate in our sponsored ads section because we target and specialize only in Korean-American ministries, and have found more than 500 pastors for churches through our ministry. KAMR receives thousands of visits per month, mostly from Korean-American pastors, seminarians, and church leaders.

How do I post a sponsored ad with KAMR?

Go to the upper right of the screen where it says 'Make a Submission' and click 'Submit an Opening'.

Can I edit or remove the listing after it has been posted?

Yes, if you discover an error or want to change anything please contact us.

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