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Job Description: Youth Group Pastor

Position Overview:

Dongsan Korean Reformed Church is seeking a dynamic and dedicated individual to fill the position of Youth Group Pastor. The Youth Group Pastor will be responsible for providing spiritual guidance and leadership to the youth community (grades 6-12) within the church.

Any candidate should agree with the beliefs of the Reformed Tradition, the Reformed Church in America, and Dongsan Korean Reformed Church. This candidate should also live by and exhibit the qualifications portrayed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

This is a half-time position that requires a passion for youth ministry, strong organizational skills, and proficiency in English.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Lead the Lord’s Day Service: The Youth Group Pastor will lead, facilitate, and preach for the youth-oriented worship service on Sundays, creating a spiritually enriching and engaging experience for the youth members.

Prepare and Lead Weekly Friday Services: Organize and lead the weekly Friday program, offering a nurturing environment for fellowship, discipleship, and growth among the youth.

Organize Annual Summer and Winter Retreats: Plan, coordinate, and attend summer and winter retreats to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, team-building, and fellowship among the youth group.

Counseling Youth Group Members: Provide pastoral counseling and support to youth group members, addressing their spiritual needs and personal challenges with empathy and care.

Develop a Ministry Vision & Plan: Create a comprehensive ministry vision and plan for the youth group, outlining goals, objectives, and strategies for spiritual development and community engagement, including Baptism classes, Teacher’s retreats, Teacher training sessions, and parenting seminars.

Communicate with Various Stakeholders: Effectively communicate the youth ministry plan to parents, teachers, students, and church leaders to ensure alignment and support for the youth program.

Ad-Hoc Ministry Requests: Be flexible and responsive to ad-hoc ministry requests, collaborating with the church leadership to offer support and guidance as necessary.
Required Qualifications:

Legally authorized to work in the United States.
Graduate or current student of a recognized theological seminary.
Proficiency in English is a must, and additional fluency in Korean is preferred.
Previous experience in ministry or youth group leadership.
Prior experience in ministry, particularly with youth.
Application Documents:

Proof of graduation from or enrollment in a theological seminary.
Resume (please include contact phone number).
A reference letter preferred.
Ministry vision statement.
Application Submission:

Email: dongsanyg@gmail.com

Dongsan Korean Reformed Church

Subject: Application for Youth Group Pastor

To apply for this job email your details to dongsanyg@gmail.com