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Edmonton Korean First Presbyterian Church is a Korean-Canadian church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, having been a part of the community for over 40 years. The church is part of the Korean American Presbyterian Church denomination and currently has around 300 members, with 45 youth and 20 active young adult members. We are seeking a full-time pastor to join us in leading our younger English-speaking members, to encourage and equip them, strengthening their faith, and to help establish, plan, and carry out a long-term vision for the English Ministry.


Edmonton, Alberta is the capital of the province and the northernmost city in North America with a metropolitan population of over a million people. The Korean-speaking population is small but growing, numbering over 6,000 people in the last national census. While our church has been part of the community for over four decades, one of our largest challenges has been keeping our younger English-speaking congregants as they grow and start their careers and families. Due to continued pastoral changes, many have become discouraged with the second-generation Korean church in Edmonton over the years and have left as a result. There currently is no significant second-generation Korean-Canadian ministry in the City.


The English Ministry Pastor would be responsible for the following:

  • Leading regular Sunday services for English Ministries and assisting with church-wide holiday services (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas)
  • Preparing and delivering Sunday sermons to English Ministry groups: biblically sound sermons focusing on core, foundational elements of the faith that can encourage the members’ love of, and excitement for, the Word.
  • Mentoring and encouraging English congregation members in their faith, establishing and maintaining relationships with the group at large, including visitations/counselling, and fostering a loving church community
  • Leading group meetings, activities, and events, including establishment of small groups and Bible studies.
  • Develop and train lay leaders and ministry teams (including praise team members and discipleship training) and also work with church leadership and group members to carry out the long-term vision for the English Ministry (including Youth).
  • Establish connections and relationships with the second-generation community at large, including previous members who are no longer attending church.
  • Report to and work with the Senior Pastor and church leadership for general church matters, such as long-term planning, holiday services, and special events.
  • The English Ministry Pastor is accountable to the Senior Pastor and is to keep him informed of any developments, issues, and concerns with English Ministries.


We are looking for a pastor who is:

  • Passionate for Christ and His church, specifically in a Korean-Canadian context;
  • A strong leader able to shepherd the group without fear or hesitation; and
  • Humble and open-minded, able to connect with members spiritually and relationally; listen to them and be approached with struggles and concerns.
  • Devoted to prayer.
  • Fluent in English and preferably able to speak Korean, at least at a conversational level. The English Ministry is part of the Korean church, and the English Ministry Pastor must work with the Korean-speaking Senior Pastor and leadership on an ongoing basis.


·        Resume including Born again and Calling Testimony

·        Senior Pastor Rev. Sim, Youngtaek


cc Elder Lee tom082812@gmail.com

Edmonton Korean First Presbyterian Church


To apply for this job please visit www.ekfpc.net.