Korean-American Ministry Resources

KUMC Junior High Pastor


To reach our young generation



The KUMC Junior High Pastor’s role is to spiritually lead the congregation where by there is discipleship, worship, evangelism, mission and Biblical knowledge that will enable the individual to grow closer to the image of Christ Jesus our Lord.


The areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to:

(Members – Junior High School focus – 6th, 7th and 8th Grades)


Ø  Work closely with the Sunday School Department Pastors

Ø  Set and develop a yearly calendar of all JH events, training, special functions and congregational development.

Ø  Develop and train all related ministry leaders for their various roles in the church.

Ø  Develop a visitation program

Ø  Outreach Program Development

Ø  Missions Local and Global – Program Development

Ø  Pastoral care to the physically, emotionally, spiritually suffering members

Ø  Maintain currency and enhance personal and spiritual development through approved professional training, conferences, and courses.

Ø  Motivate and encourage potential candidates to become future leaders.

Ø  Create a climate that promotes diversity within KUMC and ultimately reaches out to the surrounding communities to build relationships.

Ø  Weekly Bible study

Ø  Friday Night Program development

Ø  Summer programs

Ø  Support all retreats and revivals

Ø  Develop Social gatherings to develop community




This is a possible breakdown of hours:

Weekly Gatherings:

Sunday and Mid-Week Gatherings                                        10 hours

Working with Staff and Volunteers:

Phone calls, E-mails, Visitation, Counseling                           10 hours


Planning, organizing, contacting, meeting, recruiting            10 hours

Preparing Messages and Lessons:                                              10 hours

Pastoral Care:                                                                               10 hours


Periodic Training, Special Events, etc.                                  As Needed


Total:           50 hours




Must be a mature Christian who fully understands the love, the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ so that their life is a true testimony of that personal relationship with God.
A minimum of a M.Div. from an accredited seminary preferably recognized by the UMC.
Understand and accepts the United Methodist theology that will influence the church as a body of Christ.
Be comfortable with a multicultural ministry setting.

Gifts and Graces

Have the gifts and graces to preach and teach the Word of God in a way that leads to the transformation of lives.
Have the gifts and graces to empower people to be fruitful and fulfilled in ministry.
Exhibit good social and conflict-resolution skills.
Display administrative skills (organization, coordination, mobilization).
Work within a “team” concept with other staff members.

To apply for this job email your details to eugenepaik@me.com