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We are seeking a half-time Youth Ministry Pastor who is willing to commit to serving our Youth ministry (Living Waters) and our church. Los Feliz Living Waters Youth Ministry is currently made up of 22 students (Pre-Covid), with 4 volunteer teachers. We are looking for a loving follower of Jesus who is passionate about shepherding and guiding the next generation to Jesus.


Los Feliz United Methodist Church (LFUMC) is a traditional, gospel-centered church – focused on the love of Jesus and making Him known. Although LFUMC is currently a member of the United Methodist Church and the UMC denomination is adopting a more liberal theology, LFUMC is  focused on the Word of God, discipleship, and missions.


LFUMC is located in Holywood, CA. LFUMC’s history spans over 127 years and has been in the Los Feliz region of Los Angeles for over 100 years. LFUMC started off as an American church, and the Korean congregation joined 46 years ago. After 21 years, the American congregation passed down everything to the Korean congregation. Since 2008, we’ve been at our newly constructed church at the intersection of Hollywood and Western.


Our church draws three visions in concentric circles or ripples from a dropped object in water.

[1] The first, smallest concentric circle is that one member by one member, we become disciples of Jesus Christ.
[2] The second, slightly larger concentric circle is the transformation of the community, Hollywood, into HolyWood.
[3] The third and largest concentric circle is to think of the whole world as our parish and implement the mission of Vision 50—to send 500,000 missionaries together with the global church by 2050.


[Step 1] In the current predominantly 1st generation Korean church, EM (English Ministry) will carry on the traditions of faith and carry out the EM vision.

[Step 2] EM and KM (Korean Ministry) will collaborate to carry out the vision of LFUMC.

[Step 3] The EM pastor becomes the senior pastor of LFUMC and KM will become a department of LFUMC.


We are looking for a co labor who commits to carrying out:

  • LFUMC’s three core visions (see “Core Vision”)
  • DTS (Discipleship Training School) which teaches the foundations of our faith, the way to be a disciple of Christ, and the structure of our church

*If you feel called to serve alongside LFUMC, please continue to read and apply!*


  • Oversee and set the overall ministry direction & curriculum for youth group
  • Disciple and lead the students in Sunday service, Friday Youth Fellowship nights, and through discipleship training.
  • Direct involvement with the students
  • Coordinate with pastoral staff and volunteer teachers for ministry planning and implementation
  • Regular communication with parents for information and engagement
  • Be a member of the church
  • Coordinate events throughout the year, which may include:
    • Youth fellowship events/activities
    • Yearly Retreats and Annual Holywood Praise night
    • Monthly Holywood neighborhood outreach
    • Yearly Revival organization
    • Teachers retreat for training and nurturing
    • Youth (PTA) Leadership
    • Youth Mission Trips


  • A believer and disciple of Jesus Christ
  • A call to love and serve the youth
  • Humility- Are you known to be a person of humility and integrity?
  • Hunger- Are you passionate about leading the youth, their parents and the church in the pursuit of God?
  • Competent- are you responsible to lead, serve and protect the ministry
  • Graduated from or currently enrolled in an accredited seminary
  • Legally able to work in the US & pass background check
  • Fluency in English and the ability to understand and work with the youth
  • Must have the desire to understand and communicate with pastors and parents

(Fluency in Korean is preferred, but not required.)


  • Current Resume
  • Cover Letter which states one’s ministry philosophy
  • Personal Testimony and Statement of Faith
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (recommended but not required)
  • Two recent sermons (video/audio files or links)

Please email (lfumcministry@gmail.com) all required documents in PDF form titled “YouthMinistry.YourName.DocumentType” .

August 2021 or until filled

To apply for this job email your details to lfumcministry@gmail.com